As this bulletin will serve for several weeks, I have prepared in advance short reflections for each Sunday.

July 7        Fourteenth Sunday – C

Joy and peace are given to those who carry out their mission to proclaim God’s Kingdom.

The challenge of going forth like the Apostles into unknown situations and among strangers on an urgent mission that might or might not receive support could be exciting for anyone.  Going light-weight, that is, trusting in God alone, adds a keen edge to the experience.

Our journey through life is not necessarily ‘safe’ or predictable. It does, however, have a clear purpose, recognizable character and an attitude of confidence.  Wherever we go we are to radiate the love and peace of Christ.

July 14       Fifteenth Sunday – C

Who is my neighbour? Do we really want to know? Do we follow Christ’s Law of Love? Or are we satisfied with the way we have things figured out for ourselves right now?

It is challenging to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, because there is always a need to grow, to reach higher, to understand more fully, to love more completely.  Sometimes we can look back at specific events in our lives as key moments in our growth in faith.  Very often, however, our growth is like that of a coral reef – almost invisible growth and change occurring day after day for years that results in a thing of great size and beauty.

July 21       Sixteenth Sunday – C

The good works that we do are important, if they are grounded in Jesus Christ. To be sure of this, first we must pray, then act.

Otherwise, it is easy to become disconnected from our purpose. We can become people who busily satisfy our own desires while we congratulate ourselves that we are doing God’s work.

July 28       Seventeenth Sunday

Whether it is informal conversation, silence or traditional words, prayer is an ‘exercise’ that helps us become more aware of God. In the Lord’s Prayer, we identify with God by calling him ‘Father’. That is, we speak from a position of privilege as his children. We praise his name and ask that his way be the reality for our lives and for all human affairs. We ask him for our most basic needs, including forgiveness and the ability forgive.