Thank you to those who responded to our appeal for feedback.  We had decided to add a 7:-00 pm Saturday evening Mass at St. Monica Church for St. Andrew Parish.  Our first Mass will be on Saturday, October 31st.   Please see the RSVPify ONLINE RESERVATIONS section.

Reserved Seating Only

We have one regular weekend Mass.

  1. Besides the 30% of capacity limit, we still need to practice ‘social distancing’ – including no one sitting on the aisle. Depending on the mix of singles, couples and families, we can accommodate 36 – 80 people per Mass. You MUST reserve your seat(s) in advance each week. 
  2. We will have to check off your name as you come into the church. It could take a while, so come early. There will be one entry door. The balcony will not be open.
  3. Before, during and after Mass, the Sacristy will be off-limits for everyone except the priest.
  4. There will be no missals or hymn books in the pews.
  5. There will be no Altar Servers, no opening procession, no passing the basket and no procession with the gifts. The collection basket will be on a stand at the entrance.
  6. There will be a particular method for coming forward for Communion, which will be explained at Mass.
  7. We strongly recommend that you consider others and wear a mask.
  8. Check your temperature before you come and stay home if you are sick with anything.
  9. Plan ahead to try and avoid using the washrooms.
  10. Preserve social distancing – even in the parking lot.
  11. People ‘at risk’ or living with people ‘at risk’ are encouraged to stay at home. 
  12. We will have to ‘sanitize’ everything after the Mass. We will need volunteers to help.

The total number of people permitted to gather can vary depending on how many people are part of the same “bubble”  and can sit in the same pew.  As you are aware, the Province of Ontario has set the limit as up to 30% of the building’s capacity for religious services. 

If you do not have internet or if you have any questions, you may call the office at 613-723-9767 x 1

If you would like to help, please email [email protected] or call Janice Pilgrim, the parish secretary, at the above  number.

We are looking forward to seeing you.