Emmanuel, the long-expected Messiah of Israel, is now revealed to be the Light of nations, the Saviour of the world. All peoples are called to share God’s life.

God Shows Himself

An ‘Epiphany’ is a sudden, intense display or manifestation. In this Epiphany of our Lord, God is making a sudden and powerful revelation of himself to the world. God shows himself in Jesus as the source of redemption for all peoples. The Light that is Christ is meant to banish darkness from all human life. Through Jesus, the world sees that God is interested in all his creation, in all people, for they are made in his image and likeness.

The Challenge of Peace

This Epiphany was an unwelcome surprise to many – especially Herod – because it upset their plans and their ideas. It challenged them to look beyond their own culture and interests. It challenged them to wonder what the world would be like if it were united in peace, in Christ the Saviour.

We are not to be like Herod, a barrier between Christ and any ‘strangers’ who seek him out. We are called to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth by living in a way that invites others to seek the Kingdom of God.

Giving Tree

My thanks to all who contributed to our Outreach Collection and its “Giving Tree” project, which provided Christmas hampers for families in our community. This is indeed a worthy gift to the Lord on his birthday.

Thank you
I thank all who made possible our Christmas celebrations – those behind the scenes as well as the more visible people including members of our music ministry. I truly appreciate your commitment and extra effort at this busy (and still strange) time.

May the Lord show you many signs of His gracious presence in your lives, and inspire you to be an ‘Epiphany’ of
His love to others.