Though they were not perfect, Jesus loved the Apostles and patiently instructed them to overcome the confusion of their hearts.

Transformation in Christ

The Letter of James is intended not for one specific group, but for all who wish to follow Christ to the fullness of life. We hear again of order and disorder, prayer and jealousy, and most of all, of the need to be aware of the motives and ideas that shape our actions.

Living in the Truth

Before I rush to correct my brother or sister, I have to be still and learn to understand my own defects. When I look at people, I should be more interested in finding the good than the bad that is in them. When I find the Word of God uncomfortable or demanding, I should ask the Lord to show me what I must do instead of excusing myself from paying attention to it.

These things are not easy, but they are part of discipleship. They help us practice the “servant leadership” Jesus demonstrated with his own life and in the example of the little child in today’s Gospel. This is part of making the journey with the Lord Jesus to the destiny that is meant for us as the children of God.

A Question

What most easily leads you to disregard others unfairly  when making decisions or taking action? How do you guard against this?

Thank You

My thanks for your many expressions of encouragement and your financial support over the last eighteen months. While we face yet another delay in being rid of all the ‘special precautions’ imposed by the Covid crisis, we continue – as individuals, families and the parish – to live the work of the Gospel as best we can, confident that the Lord is with us to bring us through this storm.

Let all that we do be done in the Lord Jesus, that we may be bearers of the Good News.