God offers the abundance of his life to all who listen to his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Abundant Life

At Cana Jesus gave a sign of the abundance of God’s Kingdom by transforming ordinary water into high-quality wine. This kind of transformation is meant for us, too. The very ordinary and even necessary elements of our life can become charged by the power of God.

The Power is Real

‘Baptism’, ‘Life in Christ’ and ‘Resurrection’ are realities even more explosive and dramatic than water changed into wine. Yet, for many people, they have become clichés or cultural heirlooms that look nice but have no real purpose. This is a tragedy; this is the Kingdom of God reduced to words in a book. It may be less demanding, but it will not save.

Choosing Transformation

The water had no choice about being open to the action of the Lord when it was brought to him. We do have a choice, however. Life in Christ, particularly the Eucharist, is meant to have transforming power in our lives. For this power to take effect, we must be open to it, paying attention and really desiring to be made more like Christ. We have to let go of the things that keep us from knowing his love. 

A Question

St. Paul speaks of a ‘variety of gifts’, of services and activities coming from God. Some are flashy, some are quiet and subtle. All are powerful, especially when used in collaboration with the gifts of others for the same purpose – living fully and faithfully in Christ.

Have you  ever noticed that using your gifts helps other people to discover or more confidently use theirs? When did someone’s use of their gifts helped you to discover and use your own? What does it mean in your life to say that we use our gifts as a way of thanking God for his great love? What does this have to do with the ‘abundance’ shown at the wedding feast in Cana?

May the Lord open our hearts to his love.

Fr. Frank