The parables of Jesus will be understood most completely by those who listen to them with faith.

Connecting with Christ

The parables about the Kingdom of God must have many people scratching their heads, wondering why Jesus uses such curious examples. How could it be like a bush? The parables make the most sense to those whose attitudes are similar to the attitudes of Christ himself. For those ‘who have ears to hear’, who have hearts open to the Lord and his life, the parables bring wisdom and life.

Working with the Lord

This is a time for us to grow in our faith and discover even more what it means today to be a follower of Christ. There are many challenges we must face if we are to remain as the light on the hill top or the salt which adds a new flavour to the ordinary. To be able to grow in faith and truly be the ‘salt of the earth’, we need to think about our connection with the Kingdom of God. One point in particular is stressed today. While we are the ones called to ‘labour in the vineyard’, it is God’s work, done according to his plan, his schedule and his sometimes mysterious methods. Though we may be confused and even frightened, we can be confident that the Lord is in charge and brings his saving power into every situation where his name is held holy.

A Question

The Scripture readings remind us that so much in life is beyond our control. As you go through life ‘sowing  the seed’ of your time,  talent and resources, what is the most important way you co-operate with God to allow your efforts to bear fruit?

May we continue to grow in the Lord’s love and peace.