Today we reflect on the amazing gift of the Eucharist. The simplicity of the bread and wine reminds us of God’s intimacy and concern. 

This feast helps us remember that God is approachable, he is near, he is part of our life. The fact that it is our Creator, our Redeemer, who we take in our hands and mouths is an amazing and awesome reality. We commune with the Holy that we may become holy.

A Deliberate Act of Commitment

The power of God in our Lord Jesus Christ is given to us in a simple, unassuming form. This means it is very easy to forget what it is, what it means. We must approach Communion with the Lord with all our attention and respect if we are to remain open to its sanctifying power. Taking Communion always should be a deliberate act of choosing to grow in Christ and in our commitment to him

We receive the Body of Christ together as the people of the Lord gathered in his name to proclaim his love and share his life. We are not coincidentally in the same place, doing the same thing. We are assembled as members of one family, as parts of the Body of Christ ourselves. The reality that we receive is to be shared through our witness to one another and the whole world.

A Question

What helps you to stay in touch with the significance of what you are doing when you take Communion? What makes it difficult to stay aware?

May the Bread of Life lead us to the fullness of peace and joy that is ours in Christ Jesus.