If we are to be able to love the God who we cannot see, we must practice by loving our neighbour.

Showing Our Love of God

This neighbour cannot be dismissed as an object or statis­tic; he or she is created by God in his own image and therefore is precious, just as we are. We show our love for God in the way we treat those who are his own. And it is the weakest and poorest who are closest to his heart.

Unity in Christ

Also, many neighbours are our brothers and sisters in faith, people who belong with us at the Table of the Lord. The harmony, peace and joy that is meant to be ours as fruits of living in the Spirit can be found only in a loving community, whether it is the family, parish or some other group. This love is not to be confused with senti­mental­ity, but is marked by respect, integ­rity, care and commit­ment. This leads to unity at a deep level, a unity more important, more enduring than surface differences. And it is in this unity in Christ that our prayer becomes most powerful and we develop most completely as his disciples, becoming images of his compassionateand healing love.

‘We Can and Must do Much Better

Speaking of concern for our neighbour, please see the item in this bulletin about the ecumenical and inter-religious response to the government’s proposal to make it easier to kill people who seem to have no value.

Thank You

My thanks again to all for your patience and generosity during this strange year, including your support of the re-scheduled Ordered Collections. We soon will be able to tell you about our plans to help neighbours at Christmas.

May Christ lead us to know and share his love more and more powerfully each day.