The Lord calls us not only to accept his gifts, but also to imitate his generosity so our hearts may be open fully to the power of his love.

God’s mercy often has little to do with human logic and our well-developed sense of rights and obligations. We experience shortages, limitations and a finite number of possibilities. God does not, so his extravagance to one person does not threaten the abundance he promises to another. It is easy to accept God’s blessings upon ourselves, especially if we imagine we ‘deserve’ them; the challenge is to be not only gracious, but joyful, when some ‘stranger’ is also granted His mercy.

A Question

There are people of limited means who happily exercise real generosity. What kind of attitude does this take? What does it do for others? And for them?


Please keep in your prayers our school children, their families, teachers, school board staff and bus drivers as they navigate the many new safety demands ahead.

Looking Ahead

The normal busyness of this month is present, but in very different ways. Everyone is challenged to think of how to move forward and get on with life in a manner that protects both us and our neighbour. This means avoiding each other, which seems such a contradiction.

As always, however, our ‘getting on with life’ and its activity has only one reason; all with an attitude that reflects our purpose. Everything we do should be organized according to the goal of living in Christ. Though we may do many things differently,  I hope that we will be able to take the coming year as an opportunity to grow in faith, to promote God’s love and shine as a beacon of God’s hope in the world. This takes effort and attention, but is the most productive and satisfying way to spend our days.

Let all that we do be done in the Lord Jesus, that we may be bearers of the Good News.