The Lord calls us to share his life, paying attention to his Word so we may be his dwelling place.

Like Peter and the others, we are called by the Lord to follow him to eternal life. As we make the journey, focusing on him and discovering what he is like, we become more and more able to imitate him and be true witnesses of God’s love and mercy.

Following the Lord

Both the call of Samuel and the presence of Jesus announced ‘something new’ to replace the emptiness and confusion of the times.   Even when we are aware of our need, it is not always easy to follow the Lord, for we have to pay close attention to his direction, to what is really going on in our hearts and what our neighbours truly need from us. This is the journey of discipleship and freedom.

A Question

Was there ever some failure or disastrous  life experience that  later proved to have been  a necessary introduction to ‘something new’ and life-giving in your journey with the Lord?

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Repentance and change can be a slow process for individuals and an even longer one for groups. This week (Jan.18-25) we will be praying for unity among Christians using the theme, “Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit” (John 15:5-9). The divisions among us are real, but so is the damage caused by the serious scandal of this split. We need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to know what to do and how to do it. Without abandoning our integrity, we must work together to strengthen those things we share with our separated brothers and sisters.

Blessing Our Homes

When we bless a place, we are praising God for the people who live, play and work there; we ask him to bless them and be with them in all they do there. We ask God’s grace and protection on the people and the place itself. Each day we all can pray, ‘Bless us, Lord, and bless our home. Keep us safe and close to your love.’

May we seek always to be ‘at home’ with the Lord, aware of his love and attentive to his Word.