As we give thanks, we grow closer to God, more aware of his love. Our faith will increase.

The man who returned to Jesus drew close to him in his gratitude and was open to him. As a result, not just his body was healed; he was granted salvation, an intimacy with God he could not have imagined possible.  As we give thanks, we will be more able to call upon the Lord to help us remove from our lives all that is a barrier to his loving presence.

The Rosary and Praise

Attitudes of praise and thanksgiving are developed through prayer. One of the simplest Bible-based prayers is the Rosary. This form of Scriptural reflection has helped many become more aware of God’s presence in their lives. It highlights basic Christian attitudes associated with Mary as the ‘model of discipleship’. The ideas of praise, confidence, trust in God and accepting his love are recalled again and again throughout this meditative ‘prayer of the people’. This helps difficult ideas such as trust, patience and discipleship become powerful and concrete realities.

Whether it is through the Rosary or some other ‘habit’ of prayer, consider praying this month for the gift of being able, like Mary, to respond to life’s events in ways that bring the hope and comfort of Jesus to others. 


We have a civic holiday – a day for no other purpose than to stop, recognize (and count) our blessings and be grateful for them. Newcomers to Canada are more aware of the abundance, the freedom and the security we enjoy. They may not need a special day, but the rest of us do. We give thanks to God by sharing our abundance with the less fortunate; by gathering together with family and friends to celebrate what we have and are; by taking the time to relax and praise the goodness of God.

My Thanks

My thanks to all who joined me and the large group from St. Maurice Parish for the Life Chain witness last Sunday. The rain held off and an amazing number of people saw our signs encouraging them to think about the sacredness of human life.

May Christ increase our faith and confidence that we may give witness to his love.