Jesus began his ministry by thirsting in the desert and offering himself as the Living Water for all who would come to him.


We too face the temptations that confronted Jesus as he began his public ministry. Fame, wealth, power and convenience tempt us to betray ourselves. We are tempted to forget who we are. Made in the image of God, we are called as his children to live in his light now and in his glory eternally.  The temptation is to lose this, to be part of the darkness.

The power of faithfulness

Jesus would have been nothing more than a nine-day wonder if he had not remained true to his identity as the Word of the Father. We face all kinds of struggles, including the struggle to determine what is right. It is only while we are true to our identity as Baptized members of the Body of Christ that we can say or do anything that is worthwhile or lasting.

A Question

What was the most important time you deliberately rejected temptation? What helped you do this? What good came of your choice?

Thank You

My thanks to the Social Committee, the youth group and all others who made both our Winter Family Fun Day and our Shrove Tuesday pancake Supper a great success.


During Lent, we try to put aside some of the distractions of our lives in order to be more faithful, to make more room for the Lord, giving more time to our relationship with him. We will use the Development & Peace ShareLent collection on March 29 for our almsgiving project. The three ancient traditions of the Church  – prayer, fasting and almsgiving –  still hold good for us. They help us to give of ourselves and remind us of God and neighbour.

As we prepare for the glory of Easter may each of us pray “Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God.” May our hurts and fears and darkness be transformed by his mercy; our thirst for his love be satisfied. May we become ever stronger in Christ.