God has given us the Holy Spirit as a gift of love. By remaining open to the Spirit, we grow in faith, deepen our love and become stronger in our ability to give witness to Christ.

All are Called

The idea that a very small amount of faith would make tremendous things possible might seem to be a rebuke. After all, if so little faith is needed to accomplish great things, our faith must be very small indeed. I do not look at it this way, however. Rather, I feel that if so little faith is needed, then it is possible for every one of us to do God’s work. And we do his work, often without recognizing the power and the goodness of our actions, because we tend to confuse the spectacular with the important. Faith is the reality that connects us to God, and any connection, no matter how small, is a source of power. So we are encouraged by the Lord to not let our weaknesses discourage us from imitating his love.

A Question

Have you ever seen someone overcome a great problem because of their obvious trust that God would be with them in the situation? What allows people to trust in God in moments of great distress? What difference does this make in our lives?

October and the Rosary

As October is the ‘Month of the Rosary’, I encourage you to reflect on the Mysteries of the Rosary. These twenty ‘moments’ in the history of salvation each contain tremendous meaning for our own lives.  May we pause long enough, and thoughtfully enough, to let one or more of them touch us deeply with strength or healing or insight.

Life Chain

There will be an hour of prayer for the respect for life today (Oct. 2) from 2:00-3:00pm. The nearest location for this time of silent prayer and sidewalk witness is on the corner of Merivale Road and Meadowlands Drive.

Helping Others

We can show our thanks to God on the Thanksgiving weekend in a very practical way. Your donations to the local Food bank or the Shepherds of Good Hope or the like will be used to assist our neighbours in need. Your support would be most appreciated.