Fr. Frank and John Kane, who heads the parish Land Search Committee, met with the new Archbishop and key members of his team on Dec. 2 to outline our situation and to propose a way forward for our parish. Archbishop Marcel Damphousse and his people were very supportive and are working closely with us. There will be a full report at the end of January.

In the meantime, we are looking at expanding to include a Saturday evening Mass.

Being unable to gather for two and half years has resulted in a decline in revenue – your donations to the parish as a charity. While we are happy to be back at the gym, our Building Fund money goes to pay rent to the School Board. We run a very lean operation, with St. Monica Parish providing us with office space and paying the salary and expenses of our Associate Pastor, Fr. Jonathan Kelly. For the first time, we have had to remind the parents of sacramental candidates that not one dime of anyone’s School Tax goes to the parish and we need their financial support, too. Having seven elementary schools and two high schools in our territory puts a significant strain on us. We are funded entirely by you and receive no money from the Archdiocese.

We would like to start celebrating a Saturday 5:00pm Mass as of Feb. 25, the first weekend of Lent. To do so, we need more volunteers and we need to have a track record of a serious increase in revenue. Whether you use weekly envelope sets, monthly direct deposit, Interac via your phone or donate through ‘Canada Helps’ does not matter. You will receive an income tax receipt for your gift. While it is very good to give change to your children so that they can participate when the collection basket comes around, that is not enough. Unlike many denominations, we do not expect a lot of people to tithe (ie give 10% of your income), but we do ask everyone to make a deliberate decision about what percentage of your income you choose to give the parish weekly or monthly.

With your support, we can return to our old schedule of two weekend Masses and build up our community as one that will be ready to move forward. Thank you.