Welcome to our Youth Group “F3”

Our gatherings take place once a month at St. Monica Parish

2080 Merivale Rd, at 7:00 pm on the following dates.

Come and have some fun with our team! We look forward to an exciting year

of activities, prayer, games, movies, praise & worship, discussions with our F3 youth!

Meet the youth team after Masses  on Sept 8/9 at St. Monica Church (2080 Merivale Rd)

Dec. 14 Christmas Party
Jan. 11 Holiness
Feb. 1 Fun Night
Feb. 8 Mission
March. 8 Sin & Grace
April. 12 Parish Stations of the Cross/Adoration/Reconciliation (youth planning/participation)
May. 10 God’s Plan Revealed 
May. 17 Field Trip 
June. 14 Year End