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God interrupted St. Andrew’s life with an offer he did not expect, one that led him on an adventure he never imagined.

Following Christ
When Jesus called Andrew and Peter, it was not an invitation out of nowhere. People were aware of John the Baptist’s announcement that God was about to do something extraordinary for his people. Andrew had become a follower of John. When John pointed out Jesus, Andrew went and spent time with him. Reports about Jesus circulated among the people of Galilee. Peter was a more practical man, not nearly as interested as his brother in John the Baptist’s preaching, yet he was drawn by Andrew’s enthusiasm into an awareness of Jesus.

Our Gospel focusses on their being called by Jesus not just to salvation, but to work with him to spread the Good News and bring people to a relationship with Christ. As St. Paul says, how can people know about the Good News unless someone is sent to tell them - someone who knows Christ? While Bishops are specifically the successors of the Apostles, all the Baptized have the authority - and responsibility - from God to make Christ known to others by our lives.

Like St. Andrew, we are to bring others close enough to Christ to awaken an interest in them. We do this by the example of our lives, by our conversations - and particularly with family and friends - by praying for them, praying that Christ will awaken in their hearts a desire to know him. As they notice him and have questions, they too are invited by the Lord to ‘Come and see’ what he offers by spending time with him, listening to his word and living in his love.

A Question
When was the last time you wrote out a list of your ‘gifts’ (talents or opportunities)? What are two of your most important ones? What have you done this month to strengthen, protect or use them?

St. Andrew, pray for us, that we too may spend more time with Christ and grow in his love.