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Determination and struggle are part of Christian life. We are to trust in God, even when we are in painful situations that seem to contradict our faith in his loving presence.

Faithfulness and Determination
Jeremiah was derided, hated and in danger of his life because of his faithfulness to God. The disciples were sent out by Jesus with instructions on how to face opposition and hostility to their preaching. Much later, the Jesuit missionaries in Huronia (Ste-Marie-among-the-Hurons in Midland, Ontario) also faced serious danger and day-to-day problems that we in our time could hardly imagine anyone accepting and enduring. Despite the hardships, they continued their mission, for they remembered, as did Jeremiah and the disciples, that there is much more to reality than what can be seen here and now; that God is faithful and will never abandon us.

I thank the Councils, Committees, Ministries, Groups and all who made possible the pastoral season now ending. As we wind down, we leave behind us school work, programs and meetings so we may enjoy the summer. All around us is an explosion of life and growth so different from the bracing healthiness’ of cooler weather. It is a time to be outdoors, working in the fields, tending gardens or simply enjoying the warmth of the sun.

For farmers and others whose work is affected by the weather, summer is also a time to do all those things that cannot be done later; even as the sun’s rays broil them, they have to be thinking ahead to the fall and winter. While it does not involve nearly as much work, we also are preparing for the fall, including the ALPHA program.

May God be at work in us and through us at all times, bringing new life and new possibilities wherever we are.