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Today, we take on the part of the crowd that cheered and waved as Jesus entered Jerusalem, the same crowd that shouted, ‘Crucify him!’ as he stood before Pilate.

Often we are like this crowd. We welcome Jesus and want to belong to his victorious people. Yet we also become confused or hard-hearted because of fear or greed or pride or whatever. And thenwe angrily reject him and his Law of Love. Our sins crucify the Lord. Later, we realize what we have done and seek him out again as our Saviour.

A Question
It is very easy to put the blame for our problems and fears on someone else. Often this leads to a type of moral blindness. Have you ever seen people overcome problems only after they recognized the need to take responsibility for the situation? How did they describe this success?

Easter Triduum
However frail and imperfect we are, we do seek the Lord. In the great feast of the Easter Triduum we celebrate the tremendous events that allow us to be intimately connected as his brothers and sisters, family members who have a reserved place at his table.

“Triduum” means three-part, and this feast is so powerful that it has three separate parts - HolyThursday’s Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Good Friday’s Passion Service and Holy Saturday’s Easter Vigil, which is the most important Sunday Mass of the entire year.

In this feast we recall in a most profound way the gift Jesus gave of himself to us in the Eucharist; his death for our freedom from the power of sin; and the Resurrection that made possible our own rising to eternal glory.

The Reality of God’s Love
It is a time to let the reality of God’s immense love for us penetrate our hearts and free us from the confusion, the timidity and the hard-heartedness that prevent us from imitating Christ Jesusour Saviour.

May our participation in this holy feast lead us know his love, his power and his joy.