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Being open to God’s love and letting its power work in our lives means attempting to live it as Jesus showed us.

Reconciliation and unity are difficult things to achieve, but we are reminded again today of how absolutely essential they are to any kind of life, particularly life in and with Jesus Christ. Otherwise, we are hemmed in by all kinds of crippling and depressing barriers. Life presents us with enough challenges without such burdens, which also discourage the flow of God’s love into our lives.

Mercy and Life
With Christ’s help we can overcome these obstacles; by sharing his mercy with others we bring it upon ourselves. If we insist, we can have judgement and death. God, however, prefers that we be merciful, and enjoy his mercy, which gives us everlasting life.

Our Gift to the World
Christians actively co-operate in trying to build societies that ensure justice and peace. Church social documents spell out what it means to say, “love is the answer,” helping us understand howto be true peacemakers in our very complex and broken world.

A Question
Being stewards of all that God has given us includes the gifts of mercy, peace and life. What doesit mean to respond to God’s love in this way? What difference does it make in your life to be a ‘reconciler’ (which is not the same as being an ‘appeaser’)?

Looking Ahead
This month brings with it a rush of activity; all for only one reason; all with an attitude that reflects our purpose. Whether it is the Sunday Eucharist, the major social functions or any item of daily life, everything can be organized according to the goal of living in Christ. I hope that we will be able to take the coming pastoral year as an opportunity to grow in faith, to promote God’s love and shine as a beacon of God’s hope in the world. This takes effort and attention, but is the most productive and satisfying way to spend our days.

May God’s mercy be abundant in our lives.