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God overcomes sin. God overturns the harm caused by sinful human actions, both the accidental and the deliberate.

Changed in Christ
Each of today’s readings speaks directly of this reality. Sin ultimately brings death to both the innocent and the guilty. God replaces death with Resurrection, destroying the power of sin. This action of God is for us, a sign of his love and a result of belonging to him.

St. Peter does not condemn the Jews for killing Jesus. Christ, who died to reconcile the world to himself through his Holy Spirit, provides those who stray with the means and the strength to return to the love of the Father. A world that is reconciled to God is one that gives up sin and lives according to the attitudes of the Kingdom. Such a world would enjoy true justice and peace, with all people enjoying the bounty of Creation, and all taking seriously their responsibility to be good stewards, prepared to leave this earth in better shape than they find it.

Overcoming Sin
It is foolish to deny the reality of sin in our lives - just follow the news for a while. But the Good News of Jesus Christ that we celebrate is that God is willing to make all things new through Christ. All can be transformed by the love of God into an imitation of himself. There is nothing and no one that cannot be healed by his touch, and it is his desire that his forgiveness restore everyone to life.

A Question
In your life, how has God brought a good result out of something bad?

Thank You
Thank you for your generous contribution to the annual Share Lent collection for Development and Peace. This helps express our commitment to help people in the Third World to help themselves and move from poverty to self-reliance.

May we grow in God’s love and come to know his peace and joy more deeply and more powerfully each day.

Fr. Frank